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Welcome to the Website of Alta Expedition. We are an inbound tour operator located in Canada and the US
specialized in hiking and biking adventures.

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About Alta Expedition

Driven by an unparalleled passion for the outdoors and a profound respect for natural and cultural resources alike, Alta Expedition is an adventure travel company offering unique and unforgettable individual or group packages for Fully Independent Travelers (FIT), guided hiking and trekking trips, mountain bike tours, as well as ski touring and mountaineering trips in Canada and the USA. Founded by two Canadian outdoor guides and Certified Tour Professionals who were eager to share their boundless playground with others, Alta Expedition caters to beginners and experienced hikers, riders, skiers and mountaineers. Ethics, sustainability and safety being an integral part of our corporate and personal philosophies, we practice responsible and sustainable tourism and adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles.


Founded in 2008 by two Canadian outdoor guides Pierre-Bourdeau, and Francois-Xavier Gagnon. Alta Expedition started out operating as an inbound tour operator for Allibert Trekking, one of France’s leading adventure tourism tour operators.
The following year saw the addition of FIT packages to Canadian destinations.
2010 was a pivotal year as the company expanded into the United States. An office and a warehouse were set up in Las Vegas, Nevada, to support the operations of the recently created Alta Expedition USA and the growing number of tours taking place South of the border. We also joined forces with a German partner to help us better address the needs of our German-speaking clients, and we also added mountain bike tours to our offering.
While 2011 was marked by an increase in the number of tours offered in Canada and the United States, American destinations were made available to Fully Independent Travelers in 2012.
Today, Alta Expedition proudly boasts a team of over 40 staff, including certified guides and supervisors, who love what they do and are thrilled to share their passion for nature with you in a fun, accessible, and safe environment.
Our tours now include activities such as hiking and trekking, mountain biking, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, Nordic and cross-country skiing, and are supported by offices and warehouses in Quebec, British-Columbia, and Las Vegas.


A thriving company: Canada

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A thriving company: USA

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Your experience with Alta Expediton will be all about STRENGTH


Alta Expedition’s roots go back to two adventurous and highly passionate guides that decided to turn their dreams into reality. The Alta Expedition Management team is staffed with remarkable individuals whose strengths create a symbiotic environment. Sharing over 4 decades of combined guiding and management experiences the team has created a striving, efficient and skilled machine.



Alta Expedition's philosophy is not only based on trustworthiness, expertise, and genuineness but also on ON-TIME delivery. The latter is not just a phrase but OUR statement! Including seamless client communication, fast correspondence, on-time trip quotes, and stunning after sales service such as sales analysis and trip reports, trip portfolios, and FIT material.




Alta Expedition’s focuses on the past, present and future to work exclusively with extraordinary guides and outdoor experts. To ensure the highest quality experience for every customer, Alta Expedition’s guides are fully certified, have extensive field experience, and all park permits plus certificates are up-to-date. Rest assured knowing that Alta Expedition is a legitimate company abiding to all legal requirements.




Alta Expedition has been operating adventure tours in the United States and Canada since 2008 with a very high level of customer satisfaction. By offering over 100 tour itineraries in 8 different disciplines, including Hiking, Mountaineering, and Mountain Biking, Alta Expedition is engaged in becoming Canada’s and America’s Number 1 adventure tour operator.




Given Alta Expeditions deep-routed love of nature, we are paying special attention to environmental and social sustainability. All routes, trips, tours, and FIT programs are organised in accordance with the guiding principles and standards of organisations such as Leave No Trace principles, Agir pour un Tourisme Responsible, member of Aventure Ecotourisme Quebec, and Interpretive Guide Association (IGA) standards.




Alta Expedition's strives to offer unique, once-in-a-lifetime trips that highlight the genuine beauty of the landscapes and the people you discover. Continuous quality checks, up-to-date park and tour permits, tour itinerary and trip portfolio development assure an unforgettable, adventurous experience at any point in time.




Alta Expedition's team loves what they do and their passion is contagious. This love of the outdoors combined with Alta’s aim to become THE market leader of adventurous outdoor tours lead to a superior, boundary pushing tour portfolio every year at any skill level.




Founded on trustworthiness, expertise, genuineness, and timely delivery, our philosophy fosters a natural and transparent way of doing business.


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To make it simple We (Alta Expedition) are one of the most thriving, strongest and legitimate tour operators in the vast lands of North America. We are proud of what we do because we do it the ALTA WAY! This approach, thus an upright and positive attitude towards people, the environment, our guides, our clients and our partners helped Alta Expedition growing steadily since its existence.





Alta Expedition proudly boasts a team of over 40 people that includes management, certified guides and supervisors. All these deeply committed people love what they do and are thrilled to share their love of nature in a fun, accessible, and safe environment.
Our team’s outstanding work and numerous qualities have earned Alta Expedition a reputation for excellence among its clients. Not only do all our guides contribute a personal flavor to the trips they lead, they are energetic and compassionate individuals whose remarkable talent for communicating their passion and sharing their vast knowledge will inspire you.






Pierre Bourdeau: General Manager

From Alaska to the Himalayas to the Andes, Pierre has set his foot there. Passionate about human interactions and mountains, Pierre loves cultural exchanges and makes his guests discover the natural wonders of America. Now at the helm of the company, he ensures that the team stays on course. Years of experience in management combined with a burning passion have resulted in a well-rounded general manager possessing a unique vision and a keenness to bring Alta Expedition to the peak of its success.


François-Xavier Gagnon: Director of Operations and Human Resources.

Francois-Xavier, a.k.a. FX, has felt the call of the outdoors for as long as can remember. Since the late 90’s, he has had the opportunity to guide people, explore different mountain ranges, and lead many expeditions around the world. Throughout his career as an outdoor recreation professional, FX has learned that passion, empathy, resourcefulness, communication, and genuine intention are the keys to being a good guide and manager. He also believes that a great leader is a role model who should be a source of energy and inspiration for his entire team. FX is great at seeing the big picture and ensures the business’s operations run flawlessly. He is the engine behind the machine that makes Alta Expedition a solid organization you can rely on.






Jeremy Obert: Sales & Fit Manager


Native of France’s Brittany region, Jérémy landed in Canada a few years ago. He has a real passion for traveling for work, and even more so for pleasure. Jérémy has traveled to many fascinating countries around the globe, seeking out new sensations. Above all, he is a keen outdoorsman with a natural gift for creating new programs and finding new innovative ideas.



Dolev Schreiber: South West USA Operation Supervisor


When she was twelve years old, Dolev made a promise to herself that she would one day surround herself by amazing sandstone cliffs and beautiful national parks. That day arrived sooner than she had expected and she has been living her dream for the past five years. She currently resides in Las Vegas, in close proximity to world-class rock climbing and five national parks. Dolev has been fortunate enough to visit her favorite parks, which she refers to as her second home, time and time again. Her desire to share her passion of the outdoors with anyone she meets adds tremendously to the excitement of our entire team.



Christina Chowaniec: Western Canada Operation Supervisor


Christina grew up in Ottawa. After 5 seasons of guiding canoe trips in Algonquin Park in northern Ontario, she moved to British Columbia in 2005 and now calls Vancouver her home. She is a certified guide with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC and spent thousands of hours paddling lakes, rivers and oceans. She has travelled, hiked, paddled and skied throughout Canada. Christina has a biology degree from the University of Guelph and remains a passionate advocate for ensuring the future of our natural environment. Her contagious smile and logistic expertise mixed with profound knowledge of British Columbia makes Christina a valuable asset to Alta Expedition's team.



France Cardinal: Accounting & Management Supervisor

Her passion for travel and the great outdoors led her to a second career as a certified travel agent. Although she is not a guide, she has gone trekking in several countries and national parks, and has endured all sorts of conditions. These experiences have definitely brought an added value to her work. Her organizational skills and her knowledge of the systems provide support for the whole team. For her, the earth is a wonderful playground to discover.

Karine Laberge: Group Manager

Karine’s passion for travel has led her to a career change following many years in the financial world. She became a certified travel agent and began organizing group travel for the general public, then quickly seized the opportunity to work in the outdoor travel sector. Her great organizational skills and positive energy add to the strength of the Alta team. Karine has already traveled through Scotland, England, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy, and cannot wait to plant her foot in many other countries in the years to come.

Multilingual, Certified & Friendly Guides

Our experienced, friendly, and multilingual guides are the pillars of Alta Expedition. Beyond extensive general knowledge and post-secondary education, Alta Expedition guides hold certifications in adventure tourism and ecotourism. They are card-carrying members of professional orders such as the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), the Interpretive Guides Association (IGA), and the Quebec Association of Adventure and Ecotourism Guides (AEQ). They are also certified as Search and Rescue Technicians by various regional organizations, as Avalanche Professionals by the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA), as Wilderness First Responders by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and as members of Leave No Trace Canada (LNT).


Employee Training

At the beginning of each season, we get together with all our guides to share knowledge, discuss potential improvements, and review topics such as corporate philosophy, group management, conflict resolution, Leave No Trace principles, driving safety, search and rescue, etc. Our guides go through a series of training seminars offered internally and externally to expand their experience in hiking, kayaking, avalanche safety, biking, and skiing, and to broaden their expertise in areas such as wilderness first aid, cooking, and interpretive guiding.
We always train our new recruits as assistant guides and partner them up on trips with more experienced guides so they can benefit from experiential learning. After a season or two, these assistant guides become lead guides. Let our guides take care of your tours!




Equipment & Hospitality









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We offer a wide variety of exceptional products from backcountry skiing on a
glacier in BC’s Coastal Range or snowshoeing among the geysers and the bison of Yellowstone National Park, to mountain biking Moab’s infamous slickrock or trekking around Baffin Island inside the Arctic Circle, to hiking up various mountains in the Canadian Rockies or down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
We have created more than 50 tours that seek to meet the needs of adventurers of all types and of all various experience levels. Alta Expedition is always innovating and is continually creating new adventures that meet the ever evolving desires of our clientele.





Do you like immersing yourself in nature, observing wildlife, and admiring breathtaking scenery? Are you the type of person who loves getting outdoors to challenge yourself on a long hike? If so, then you will find your dream adventure among our hiking tours. An awesome hiking day always starts with you enjoying a cup of fresh-brewed tea or coffee while our guides prepare a delicious and hearty breakfast. After breakfast, the guides and guests pack up the tents and load the vans if necessary. Then, it’s all about fun! Whether you are embarking on a guided hike through Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, or the Canadian Rockies, don’t forget your camera. You have very good odds of seeing bear, deer, big horn sheep, and other animals. Once you reach the hike’s destination, you will have a well-deserved break and ample time to take in the unforgettable views around you. Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells that nature is offering up. Watch the sun play hide and seek behind mountain peaks or shine its light on a nearby lake to make it sparkle like diamonds. Once back at camp, compare stories with the other guests and relax while our guides prepare a deliciously rewarding dinner.





Are you tired of skiing the same packed down trails on the same mountains, of waiting endlessly in lift line-ups and then dodging other skiers and boarders on your way down? Wouldn’t you rather have an extraordinary day in the BC mountains or on Roger’s Pass guided by professional skiers and exploring untouched slopes where you get to choose your line and lay the first tracks? If so, then skiing with us could be your dream adventure! Ski touring is all about exploring new areas, new routes, and new slopes. It’s about leaving stress, responsibilities, and worries behind to focus on fun, freedom, and possibilities. It’s about rediscovering that blissful feeling from your childhood ski days. It’s about getting a “face shot” when the powder is so deep it flies up and coats your face as you ski down. It’s about being one with the mountain and sharing this moment with just a handful of people. Backcountry skiing is skiing at its best. Come experience it!





Have you ever been tempted to challenge yourself by leaving the clutches of civilization to take the road less traveled and be entirely self-sufficient? If so, our expedition packages are perfect for you and you can choose hiking, paddling or skiing as your mode of locomotion. Our expedition tours are nothing like an ascent up Everest or K2 in terms of risk, but they do offer an adventurous alternative to our hiking trips. This is the stuff life experiences are made of: climbing, skiing, paddling or walking through the wilderness, living each day to the rhythm of nature, and completely disconnecting from everyday life. Yes, these trips can be physically draining and mentally challenging as you push yourself and step outside your comfort zone, but they also provide unforgettable experiences and overwhelming feelings of accomplishment. Aches and pains suffered during the trip quickly vanish as you feel the immense satisfaction of having just trekked across Baffin Island or the Monarch Ice field, or having just spent an entire week backpacking through Yosemite.




Family Tours

Are you looking to spend some quality time your family? Do you want to share amazing discoveries and create unforgettable memories as you play together in the great outdoors or explore some of the best cities in North America? Then look no further than our Family Tours. We work hard to ensure that all family members have a good time and enjoy their experience, no matter their age. Family Tour options are virtually endless; they can focus on outdoor activities like exploring wilderness areas on the West Coast or in Gaspésie, they can center around urban adventures such as visiting cities like Vancouver and Las Vegas to learn all about the history, the sights, and the culture, or they can be mix of both. Let us help you create the best vacation your family has ever had.





Speed is the rapid motion of an object. Distance is an extended space between two points. Altitude is the
height of a point compared to reference level. Fitness refers to the physical condition of a human being. A road bike is a bicycle specifically designed to attain great speeds, to cover long distances, to gain altitude, and to demand a high level of fitness from its rider. If these definitions ring true to you, then you will find the perfect trip within our road riding tours. No matter whether you are a cycletourer, a racer or a track rider, the smooth and windy roads of Nevada and the Canadian Rockies will turn you into a roadie. All you need to take care of on these trips is your body, as our guides will handle everything else. Choose one or two-week itineraries, decide how many kilometers you want to cover and how much hill climbing you want to do, and then start dreaming of the epic views you will enjoy on each ride.





Albert Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle -- in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” If your idea of a balanced life includes being out on the trails with your bike and enjoying a rush if adrenaline, then join one of our mountain bike tours and find true fulfillment. You’ll test your willpower on long climbs and then be amply rewarded with stunning descents, you’ll call upon your technical skills to navigate roots, rocks, skinnies, drops, dirt, and gravel, and you will rapidly bond with your bike and fellow riders to develop a deep camaraderie. Of course, mountain biking is all about the journey, the experience and the TRAIL. Even when the climbs seem endless and your legs feel heavier with every pedal stroke, the end is close and you the anticipation of the upcoming downhill ride is getting hard to contain. We take a refreshing break, have a snack, and share stories of the climb. Before you even know it, all the pain is gone, the climb is already forgotten, and you are riding some of Moab’s best trails, and creating lasting memories.





If you like to free your mind and reconnect with nature, if you enjoy feeling winter’s crisp freshness while walking with wildlife and enjoying the company of like-minded people, join us for this once in a lifetime experience. Wandering the white deserts of North America in winter is a unique experience. Between the absence of summer crowds and winter’s particular light, you’ll be treated to a spectacular display of Yellowstone’s majestic beauty. You’ll see, feel, and listen to nature differently as the animals we encounter are not behind fences or confined to man-made enclosures. You could see buffalos, coyotes, moose, eagles, wolves, otters, elks, and other roaming creatures while snowshoeing through this corner of paradise. Stress and the everyday hassles will be long-gone as you near the hot springs where you’ll be able to soak and relax even more. Rustic, cozy huts will be your home, your shelter, and your refueling station. Delightful dinners accompanied by wonderful stories and great conversations by the fire await you every evening.





Some people prefer to travel independently, deciding where to go and when, having the possibility to change the plan as they go to allow for spontaneity and flexibility. Those travelers will be well served with our FIT program. We develop the initial itinerary with you, but keep it loose so that you can change it as you wish. Please contact us for further information about our FIT packages.





Alta Expedition is an inbound tour operator for various European and North American adventure travel agencies. We are always open to establishing new relationships with agents and invite you to contact us if you would like more information.

Allibert Trekking

Allibert Trekking’s mission is to help travelers discover forgotten lands where Nature has defended its right to stay wild. Offering trips to almost every corner of the globe – Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas – their main objective is to discover a region and its people. Allibert’s specialty is foot travel of all kinds: strolls, hikes, trekking, and big mountain. Discovery trips on ski or snowshoe are also available.




Hauser Exkursionen

For almost 40 years, Hauser exkursionen international has been the leading hiking tour operator in the German-speaking market. Casual hikers and mountaineers alike are well served by a broad palette of more than 500 tours, ranging from simple hikes and family trips to mountain bike tours and challenging expeditions. The head office is in Munich, with subsidiaries in Berlin and Vienna, and a representative office in Zurich. Hauser exkursionen practices sustainable and socially responsible tourism and is a member of Forum anders reisen.



Hauser Exkursionen

KE is the one of the world's leading independent adventure holiday travel specialist, with 28 years experience of operating small group adventure holidays. Offering more than 300 inspirational and original treks, climbs, biking, winter activity, family adventure holidays and school expeditions, KE is the go-to tour operator for trekking and climbing classics such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit trek and Mera Peak climb in Nepal, Kilimanjaro climb in Tanzania, Mount Toubkal climb in Morocco, the Inca Trail trek in Peru and the Tour du Mont Blanc trek and Mont Blanc Ascent in the Alps.



Hauser Exkursionen

Focusing on six core seasonal activities — hiking, cycling, canoeing, sea kayaking, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing — Détour Nature has been guiding trips for over 30 years. Focusing mainly on day trips leaving from Montreal, they also offer longer expedition-type trips to various North American destinations.



Hauser Exkursionen

Established in 1998 as a sister company to Détour Nature, Karavaniers has been a pioneer of adventure travel. Seeking out new and exciting international destinations, Karavaniers was the first tour operator to take people to the Zanskar River in the Himalayas, to receive permission from the Kuna people of Goedup, Panama, to camp on their island, and to obtain a permit to bring visitors to the Dangra region of Tibet.


Hauser Exkursionen

THE Travel agency organizing French speaking mountain bike trips. Whether it be on a mountain bike, on a hybrid or on a road bike, Vélorizons is the two-wheeled travel specialist. With circuits all over the world, Vélorizons offers guided trips as well as options for fully independent travelers.




Hauser Exkursionen

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Ekilib specializes in pedal and foot-powered travel. Catering to beginners and athletic types alike, Ekilib takes care of everything: flights, accommodations, meals, luggage transfers, bike transport or rental, and maps. Destinations include North America, South America, Europe, Cuba, and Africa.




Hauser Exkursionen

Created to focus on cycle touring trips and independent travel to international destinations, Sur La Route is the third component of the Détour Nature consortium. Like its two sister companies, Sur La Route incorporates cultural discovery in all its trips and limits its group size to offer a more personal experience.




Hauser Exkursionen

TraceDirecte offers individually customized trips of your liking. You are free to choose your travel dates, length of stay, itinerary, accommodations, comfort level, transport method and activities.


Hauser Exkursionen

Trek Aventure offers trips to niche destinations such as the Alps, the Himalayas, deserts, and volcanoes, all over the world in collaboration with some French tour operators like Allibert Faces Mountain Escape, The Pélerine, Destination Wonderland, Compagnie Maritime Trails and more...





These are the friends, sponsors, suppliers and various organizations that we wish to thank for their unwavering support over the years.

Supporters Image Patagonia AEQ MSR CAA Interpretiveguides leavenotrace Gshock ACMG






(...) Alta is among the very best agents we have in the world: excellent service and quality/price ratio, full dedication, a very dynamic and professional team. We can only recommend this company who is doing a great job. [ ALLIBERT TREKKING, Yves Pelissier ]


Hauser Exkursionen, Leading trekking tour operator in the German speaking market, is celebrating it's 40th birthday in 2013. We are very happy to have found an equal expert in hiking, trekking and adventure tourism in Alta Expedition for our North America program. We value ALTA for their creativity in developing new tours with us, for their elaborateness in operating our itineraries, for their well trained and motivated tour guides and best for the trustful and respectful relationship we developed over the Last 3 years. Our program in North America has grown remarkably and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship. [ HAUSER EXPEDITIONS, Manfred Haeupl ]

Jeder Tag war ein Highlight. Tolle Landschaften, einfach atemberaubende! Sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Guides mit 1A Touren. [ Christa & Juergen H. ]

(TRANSL: Everyday was a highlight. Beautiful landscapes, simply breathtaking! Very nice and helpful guides with top notch tours.)

(...) J'ai un excellent souvenir de cette expérience, autant par la beauté des paysages que par le sérieux et la bonne humeur des guides qui géraient avec efficacité la logististique et savaient nous transmettre avec passion leur connaissance du pays, de la montagne et de la culture canadienne. (...) [ Mathilde H. ]

(TRANSL: (...) I have excellent memories of this experience, as much by the beautiful scenery as the seriousness and good humor of the guides who ran the trip with efficiency and logistical knowledge. The guides provided us with their passion and knowledge of the country, the mountains and Canadian culture. (...))

Alles war super! Es war eine meiner schoensten Reisen! [ Verena S. ]

(TRANSL: Everything was fantastic! One of my best journeys!)

J’ai adoré le voyage dans le Sud-Ouest américain fait avec Alta Expéditions (via l’agence Ekilib). Le programme proposait les meilleurs sentiers (...), les meilleurs points de vue (Bryce Viewpoint, Grandcanyon Viewpoint etc.). Comme le niveau du groupe était assez élevé, le guide François-Xavier nous bonifiait de nombreux extras non compris dans le programme officiel. (...) FX, you’re THE BEST! [ Minh P. ]

(TRANSL: I loved the trip to the American Southwest made by Alta Expedition (via the agency Ekilib). The program offered the best trails (...), the best views (Bryce Viewpoint, Viewpoint Grandcanyon etc..).The group level was difficult but enjoyable, the guide François-Xavier offered us many extras that were not included in the official program. (...) FX, you're THE BEST!)

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Thank you very much for your interest in Alta Expedition. You can reach us via the below mentioned addresses or through the contact form. Please fill all fields in correctly as it helps us to process your request.

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00
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We invite you to contact us or to call one of our regional offices.

Direct Phone: 1-603-822-2582
Toll free: 1(855) 822-ALTA (2582)
Toll free fax number: 1-888-502-7232

Main Office : Québec
322, chemin du Lac de la Montagne Noire
Lantier (Québec) J0T 1V0

British Columbia Office:
250 18th Street West
North-Vancouver, BC, V7M1W6

206-3470 E. Russell Road,
Las Vegas, NV 89120 United States

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